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[   ](Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World) Georgia L. Irby (ed.)-A Companion to Science, Technology, and Medicine in Ancient Greece and Rome. 1-2-Wiley _ Blackwell (2016).pdf08-Mar-2019 20:34 53M
[   ](Blackwell companions to the ancient world) Barbara E. Borg-A Companion to Roman Art-John Wiley_Blackwell (2015).pdf08-Mar-2019 20:32 42M
[   ](Gender, Theory, and Religion) Jennifer Wright Knust-Abandoned to Lust_ Sexual Slander and Ancient Christianity-Columbia University Press (2005).pdf26-Nov-2018 13:56 3.2M
[   ](Oxford Classical Monographs) Maria-Zoe Petropoulou-Animal Sacrifice in Ancient Greek Religion, Judaism, and Christianity, 100 BC to AD 200 -Oxford University Press, USA (2008).pdf26-Nov-2018 13:56 1.7M
[   ](Religions in the Graeco-Roman World 115.1) Frank R. Trombley-Hellenic Religion and Christianization c. 370-529, Volume 1. 1-Brill Academic Publishers (2014).pdf08-Mar-2019 20:38 36M
[   ](Supplements to Vigiliae Christianae - Texts and Studies of Early Christian Life and Language) Nienke Vos, Willemien Otten-Demons and the Devil in Ancient and Medieval Christianity (Supplements to Vig.pdf26-Nov-2018 13:57 2.8M
[   ]Candida R. Moss-The Other Christs_ Imitating Jesus in Ancient Christian Ideologies of Martyrdom-Oxford University Press, USA (2010).pdf26-Nov-2018 13:58 2.0M
[   ]Mary Beard, John North, Simon Price Religions of Rome Volume 1 A History 1998.pdf08-Mar-2019 21:01 15M
[   ]Mary Beard-Pompeii_ The Life of a Roman Town -Profile Books (2008).pdf08-Mar-2019 20:30 13M
[   ]Miguel Herrero de Jauregui-Orphism and Christianity in Late Antiquity (Studies in the Recovery of Ancient Texts) (2010).pdf26-Nov-2018 13:59 3.5M
[   ]Naomi Koltun-Fromm-Hermeneutics of Holiness_ Ancient Jewish and Christian Notions of Sexuality and Religious Community-Oxford University Press (2010).pdf26-Nov-2018 13:58 1.5M
[   ]The-Roman-Street-Urban-Life-and-Society-in-Pompeii-Herculaneum-and-Rome.pdf08-Mar-2019 20:31 20M
[   ]Zahra Newby-Greek Myths in Roman Art and Culture Imagery, Values and Identity in Italy, 50 BC–AD 250-Cambridge University Press (2016).pdf08-Mar-2019 21:05 45M
[   ][Beryl_Rawson]_A_Companion_to_Families_in_the_Gree( 21:02 6.4M
[   ]ebooksclub.org__A_History_of_Roman_Religion.pdf08-Mar-2019 21:00 28M

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