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[   ](Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World) Georgia L. Irby (ed.)-A Companion to Science, Technology, and Medicine in Ancient Greece and Rome. 1-2-Wiley _ Blackwell (2016).pdf15-Feb-2017 18:43 53M
[   ](Blackwell companions to the ancient world) Barbara E. Borg-A Companion to Roman Art-John Wiley_Blackwell (2015).pdf15-Feb-2017 18:42 42M
[   ](Cambridge Classical Studies) Jed W. Atkins-Cicero on Politics and the Limits of Reason_ The Republic and Laws-Cambridge University Press (2013).pdf15-Feb-2017 18:44 2.6M
[   ](Fokus Fortifikation Studies) Silke Muth, Peter Schneider , Mike Schnelle, Peter De Staebler-Ancient Fortifications_ A Compendium of Theory and Practice-Oxbow Books (2016).pdf15-Feb-2017 18:47 33M
[   ]Zahra Newby-Greek Myths in Roman Art and Culture Imagery, Values and Identity in Italy, 50 BC–AD 250-Cambridge University Press (2016).pdf15-Feb-2017 18:45 45M
[   ][Beryl_Rawson]_A_Companion_to_Families_in_the_Gree( 18:45 6.4M
[   ][David_S._Potter]_The_Blackwell_Companion_to_the_R( 18:45 8.7M
[   ][Kurt_A._Raaflaub]_War_and_Peace_in_the_Ancient_Wo( 18:45 2.6M
[   ][Paul_Erdkamp]_A_Companion_to_the_Roman_Army( 18:47 8.0M
[   ][Raffaele_D'Amato,_Giuseppe_Rava]_Imperial_Roman_W( 18:46 10M
[   ]irodalom romai vallas es tarstor-hoz.docx15-Feb-2017 18:59 26K

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