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[   ](Key themes in ancient history) Jed W. Atkins - Roman Political Thought-Cambridge University Press (2018) (1).pdf07-Mar-2020 10:59 1.0M
[   ](Religions in the Graeco-Roman World) Gasparini, V._ Veymiers, R. - Individuals and Materials in the Greco-Roman Cults of Isis_ Agents, Images, and Practices-Brill (2019).pdf07-Mar-2020 11:07 14M
[   ](Routledge Monographs in Classical Studies) Jeremy Armstrong_ Michael P. Fronda - Romans at War_ Citizens and Society in the Roman Republic-Routledge (2020).pdf07-Mar-2020 11:05 9.3M
[   ]Andrew Wilson - Trade, Commerce, and the State in the Roman World (2018, Oxford University Press, USA).pdf07-Mar-2020 11:14 75M
[   ]Anne Kolb - Roman Roads_ New Evidence - New Perspectives (2019, de Gruyter).pdf07-Mar-2020 11:05 9.0M
[   ]Christian Laes - Disabilities and the Disabled in the Roman World_ A Social and Cultural History (2018, Cambridge University Press).pdf07-Mar-2020 11:04 2.5M
[   ]Claudia Moser - The Altars of Republican Rome and Latium_ Sacrifice and the Materiality of Roman Religion (2019, Cambridge University Press).pdf07-Mar-2020 11:05 15M
[   ]Fikret Yegül, Diane Favro - Roman Architecture and Urbanism_ From the Origins to Late Antiquity (2019, Cambridge University Press).pdf07-Mar-2020 11:03 114M
[   ]Katelijn Vandorpe - A Companion to Greco-Roman and Late Antique Egypt (2019, Wiley-Blackwell).pdf07-Mar-2020 11:06 10M
[   ]Lee L. Brice - New Approaches to Greek and Roman Warfare-Wiley-Blackwell (2020).pdf07-Mar-2020 11:04 11M
[   ][Mnemosyne Supplements_ History and Archaeology of Classical Antiquity, 336] Olga Tellegen-Couperus - Law and Religion in the Roman Republic (2011, BRILL).pdf19-Mar-2020 18:18 2.4M
[   ][Studies in Greek and Roman Religion 1] Hendrik Wagenvoort - Pietas_ Selected Studies in Roman Religion (Studies in Greek and Roman Religion, 1) (1980, Brill).pdf19-Mar-2020 18:19 5.8M

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