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[   ]((Routledge Monographs in Classical Studies)) Ellie Mackin Roberts - Underworld Gods in Ancient Greek Religion_ Death and Reciprocity-Routledge (2020).pdf13-Oct-2021 16:10 3.0M
[   ](Brill's Companions in Classical Studies) Gregor Damschen, Mario Waida - Brill's Companion to Seneca_ Philosopher and Dramatist-Brill Academic Pub (2013).pdf13-Oct-2021 16:10 4.4M
[   ](Cambridge classical studies) Eidinow, Esther_Kindt, Julia_Osborne, Robin - Theologies of ancient Greek religion-Cambridge University Press (2019).pdf13-Oct-2021 16:12 52M
[   ](Collected Papers II) Albert Henrichs, Harvey Yunis - Greek Myth and Religion-De Gruyter (2019).pdf13-Oct-2021 16:12 2.5M
[   ](Cornell Studies in Classical Philology. Townsend Lectures _ 60) Parker, Robert - On Greek religion-Cornell University Press (2011).pdf13-Oct-2021 16:12 2.3M
[   ](Mnemosyne Supplements 256) John G. Fitch - Annaeana Tragica_ Notes On the Text of Seneca's Tragedies-Brill Academic Publishers (2004).pdf13-Oct-2021 16:12 1.2M
[   ](Oxford Classical Monographs) Maria-Zoe Petropoulou - Animal Sacrifice in Ancient Greek Religion, Judaism, and Christianity, 100 BC to AD 200 -Oxford University Press, USA (2008).pdf13-Oct-2021 16:12 1.7M
[   ](Studies in Greek and Roman Religion (SGRR) 2) H.S. Versnel (ed.) - Faith, Hope and Worship. Aspects of Religious Mentality in the Ancient World (Studies in Greek and Roman Religion 2)-Brill (1981).pdf13-Oct-2021 16:13 24M
[   ]Alessandro Schiesaro - The Passions in Play_ Thyestes and the Dynamics of Senecan Drama-Cambridge University Press (2003).pdf13-Oct-2021 16:13 1.3M
[   ]Jennifer Larson - Understanding Greek Religion-Routledge (2016).pdf13-Oct-2021 16:13 18M
[   ]Julia Kindt - Animals in Ancient Greek Religion-Routledge (2020).pdf13-Oct-2021 16:14 22M
[   ]K. W. Arafat - Pausanias' Greece_ Ancient Artists and Roman Rulers (2004, Cambridge University Press) - 16:14 5.9M
[   ]Matthew Dillon - Girls and Women in Classical Greek Religion (2003).pdf13-Oct-2021 16:15 14M
[   ]Pausanias Travel Writing in Ancient Greece by Maria Pretzler ( 16:15 2.0M
[   ]Pausanias Travel and Memory in Roman Greece by Pausanias ( 16:15 3.9M
[   ]Suetonius, Nero by Warmington, B. H. ( 16:16 6.0M
[   ]Suetonius the Biographer Studies in Roman Lives by Tristan Power Roy K. Gibson ( 16:16 28M
[   ]Thomas G. Rosenmeyer - Senecan Drama and Stoic Cosmology (1989).pdf13-Oct-2021 16:16 1.3M
[   ]Tristan Power - Collected Papers on Suetonius (2021, Routledge) - 16:16 4.3M
[   ][Millenium-Studien 23] Christa Frateantonio - Religion und Städtekonkurrenz_ Zum politischen und kulturellen Kontext von Pausanias' (2009, De Gruyter) - 16:16 1.6M

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